Can you feel that storm brewing?

If you are live in an area where storms are the norm then this post is for you. Sometimes as storms are moving in we wake up feeling stuffy, achy, with brain fog, and just feeling "off". Let me explain why. 

Barometric pressure changes can affect your sinuses because the air pressure around you influences the air pressure within your sinuses. When the external air pressure drops it can cause the air trapped in your sinuses to expand, potentially leading to increased pressure and discomfort. This might trigger headaches, sinus pain, and congestion for those who are sensitive to these changes. This also plays a huge part in people getting sick around this time of the year so please don't leave your sinuses struggling. Your body needs to have oxygen in order to function well. 

On top of our sinuses being impacted our bodies often feel it for days before the storms arrive. Rapid changes in barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature that often accompany storms can lead to shifts in your body's internal pressure and fluid balance. This can affect sensitive areas like joints, muscles, and even your blood vessels. Just like your sinuses these factors can contribute to headaches, joint pain, and even changes in mood for some individuals who are more sensitive to these changes. It's important to note that not everyone is affected in the same way so please don't give up on yourself and just accept that you have to hurt for the entire storm season. 

Here are some of the products and modalities that I use that may help you as well. 
~ gentle movement, stretches 
~ chiropractic care
~ NingXia Red (Young Living)
~ take your supplements (custom to you, my list is mainly Young Living with some additions)
~ stress relieving activities
~ sleep... good, quality, priority
~ sleep oils such as lavender, cedarwood, sacred mountain, peace & calming (Young Living)
~ breathing oils such as cypress, cedarwood, pine, eucalyptus globulus or radiata, raven (Young Living)
~ stay warm... although I know AC is important 😉
~ red light therapy (I suggest LifePro)
~ choose good foods PLEASE
~ Thieves Chest Rub day and night (Young Living)
~ discomfort oils such as deep relief, panaway, copaiba, clove, marjoram, relieve it, peppermint (Young Living)
~ stress relieving oils such as stress away, palo santo, northern lights black spruce, orange, grapefruit (Young Living)
~ get outside as much as you can especially first thing in the morning
~ bonus products that help me, ceylon cinnamon (, c...b...d... pain cream, cool azul pain cream, body wash with anti-inflammatory oils added, lavender bath bombs, orthosport or orthoease massage oils (these work great as carriers in rollers as well) (Young Living)
~ avoid nouns that increase your fears, this is a sport for some people and you don't need to play. Those nouns suck, don't let them bring you down with them. 
~ Lastly stay consistent! Even if you feel better you need to be proactive not just reactive. Support your body and it will support you in return. 

If you need help ordering anything I have listed message me and I would love to help you get everything you need. This is my direct link for the Young Living products shared in this post. 

There are many other things we can do to help but this list is a great start! 

With love, MP

7 Tips for Surviving Seasonal Changes

7 Tips for Surviving Seasonal Changes
Symptoms of seasonal allergies can be irritating and uncomfortable. Thankfully there are many different options for relief. You do not have to suffer through it. You can enjoy those changes by adding one or more of these suggestions. 

Happy breathing! 

With love, MP


They call her the queen of the citrus herbs.

They call her the queen of the citrus herbs.

I do not believe that God gave Young Living the idea of this blend, which began as a foaming hand soap in April 2020, the year that everyone "started" washing their hands, on accident. Let me explain the science behind why. You can earn this for free this month. 


Reflexology/Acupressure Ring Benefits

Reflexology/Acupressure Ring Benefits

Reflexology and acupressure offers a simple and effective way to relieve stress and anxiety practically anywhere. Hands are one of the most simple way to execute acupressure techniques. Each finger is the source of different emotions and/or health issues. You can target each and every one of them wherever you are.


An acupressure ring is a simple device that is easy to use no matter where you are. It can be placed on a finger or toe and then rolled up or down to stimulate the different acupressure points. It is known by many names, such as massage ring, finger massage ring, Chinese medicine ring and fidget. Whatever the name, it serves the same purpose.

Unfamiliar with accupressure? 

Benefits of acupressure include energy regulation, stress reduction, nerve stimulation, pain management and improved mental focus.

Acupressure can help in pain and stress relief, motion sickness, nausea and other chronic conditions. Improved circulation also helps in toning the muscles.

An acupressure ring is especially helpful to people who often use a computer. Any profession or lifestyle that leads to commonly having their hands full and are regularly exposed to fatigue. By using an acupressure ring, circulation can be improved. It is also believed that acupressure enhances concentration.


My personal testimony with my reflexology ring is exactly that. I use it when I need to pay very close attention to something. I will slide it on my index finger mostly but then I move it onto different fingers as I feel fit. I will often hide my hands under the table when I am really getting into something so I do not distract others because I can really get that thing rolling at times. 

My daughter has sensory processing disorder and uses these rings to calm her mind and allows her to find balance when she is feeling overwhelmed by life around her. 

The possibilities are endless on how we can use the rings.

Finger guide:

  • Calms Nerves and eases your worrying
  • Relieves headaches
Index Finger (my favorite)
  • Eases frustration and inspires inner peace
  • Relaxes muscle aches
Middle Finger
  • Soothes anger and irritability
  • Fights fatigue
Ring Finger
  • Reduces negativity and helps with grief
  • Aids in digestion
Little Finger
  • Stimulates creativity, intuition, and wisdom
  • Reduces insecurities and anxiety


Could you see yourself using a reflexology ring? 

With love, MP

Top 5 Roller Recipes to Help with Change

Top 5 Roller Recipes to Help with Change
The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. ~ Socrates

Top 5 Roller Recipes to Help with Change
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